Tools to calculate power, performance, solar availability and solar energy savings.

As we enter the world of energy self-consumption, we realize that planning is extremely important. Estimate consumption, solar availability, inclination and other factors decide the future of our project. That’s why simple or not, we have created this (in development) collection of calculators.

Photovoltaic production calculator

You just have to enter your address below the map and fill in some information. This tool allows you to calculate the average monthly and annual photovoltaic production of a PV system connected to the electricity grid, without a battery storage system. This tool takes into account available solar radiation, PV module temperature, wind speed and PV module type. The user can choose the type of assembly of the modules, either a free assembly or integrated in a building. It also calculates the optimal inclination and orientation to maximize annual production.

Check the solar energy potential of your roof

This tool is great because it calculates the available area and relates it to the data on the availability of solar energy in the area. You just have to enter your address and the report will be displayed. Soon this project will be available in other countries.


For Chile we have 2 quite interesting tools. The first is an estimator of availability and savings with solar installations

Solar Explorer – Chilean Ministry of Energy




On this website I dedicate myself to writing everything that I am discovering about solar self-consumption for homes and businesses.

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