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2023 Best Solar Panel Comparison. REC vs Panasonic vs QCELLS vs SunPower vs Tesla vs Silfab

In this video I break down the basics for understanding how to rate a solar panel. -CALL OR TEXT FOR A PROPOSAL (760) 473-5878 EMAIL – Juliantoddborden.com@gmail.com Efficiency, NMOT vs STC watt ratings, Temperature Coefficient, and Degradation are a few of the…Read More »

The BEST Solar Panels going into 2023

Going solar can get overwhelming especially when you get multiple quotes from multiple companies because each is going to tell you their solar panels are the best. But truthfully, sales speak volumes in terms of who has the better product and that’s…Read More »

The Best Solar Panels in 2022! Top 5 Models Revealed

The Best Solar Panels in 2022! Top 5 Models Revealed FREE Online Solar Savings Estimate from SunPower: https://geni.us/ojS3Sl 👇 CLICK SHOW MORE 👇 There are tons of different solar panel manufacturers and models on the market, so how do you know which…Read More »

Kia EV6 review: price, range and space make this one of the best electric cars on sale – NationalWorld

<img class="hero-img" decoding="async" alt=" Kia EV6 GT Line RWD ” src=”https://www.nationalworld.com/jpim-static/image/2022/08/04/14/Small-18338-EV677.4kWhGT-LineRWD.jpg?width=640&quality=65&smart&enable=upscale” srcset=”https://www.nationalworld.com/jpim-static/image/2022/08/04/14/Small-18338-EV677.4kWhGT-LineRWD.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=320 320w, https://www.nationalworld.com/jpim-static/image/2022/08/04/14/Small-18338-EV677.4kWhGT-LineRWD.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=640 640w, https://www.nationalworld.com/jpim-static/image/2022/08/04/14/Small-18338-EV677.4kWhGT-LineRWD.jpg?quality=65&smart&width=990 990w” data-hero fetchpriority=”high”> Kia EV6 GT Line RWD The Kia EV6 marks the next step in the Korea brand’s shift towards electrification. Kia was among the…Read More »