PVMet expands access to microclimate monitoring for C&I solar projects

pvmet solar monitoring

PVMet Solar Monitoring Systems is making advancements in expanding access to microclimate monitoring optimization by helping to improve solar energy operational efficiency and results.

“With U.S. solar generation projected to be 20% by 2050, the industry will need to consider how efficient and successful commercial solar installations can help to create maximum production with minimum energy costs,” said Eric Rollins, Head of Solar Sales, Nielsen-Kellerman Weather Division. “Microclimate monitoring will be the key to helping to maximize production by improving operational efficiency and results. With monitoring, commercial enterprises and utilities can reap the benefits of maximized performance, production, and profitability.”

The PVMet series of weather stations is designed for solar operations looking to gain insights into the efficiency and status of their PV system with accurate, bankable data.

“With the broadest line of weather stations exclusively for solar monitoring and over 48 years of experience, PVMet is uniquely positioned to help enterprises realize the benefits of solar energy, helping to lead growth across the industry and contribute to a cleaner energy future,” Rollins added.

Specifically engineered for C&I PV Monitoring, PVMet Solar Monitoring weather stations are compatible with most major data loggers and offer a wide range of sensor options.

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