9kW DIY Home Solar Panel System Installation – Start to Finish

I help my friend install a 9kW grid tie home solar panel system on the roof of his new pole barn work shop.
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Here is a parts list link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12t86qPkwzsH5SMVLSWqMqNOPxMy2o7Nx/view?usp=sharing
Watch my step by step 9kW ground array install here: https://youtu.be/_xA6qOwnYbM

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Racking Information
03:46 Racking Install
10:08 Optimizer Install
14:39 Solar Panel Install
16:06 EnergyPal Information
18:47 Kids Install Solar!
19:45 DC Junction Box
24:19 Inverter AC Connection
24:39 DC Connection Junction Box to Inverter
29:00 Final Solar Panel Install
29:36 Warning Labels
32:00 Inverter Startup

This video is for information purposes only, and does not constitute professional advice. Solar systems can and do involve dangerous electrical connections. If you do not have experience with electrical wiring, please seek professional support.

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On this website I dedicate myself to writing everything that I am discovering about solar self-consumption for homes and businesses.

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